Code of Conduct

The Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) is mostly common sense, and used to resolve any issues or disputes that may arise. Violating the AUP may prohibit you from using and its services. The AUP is as follows: is a web service provided for users to connect, research, and share information about transgender and transsexual life, activities, concerns, transition, and a community to gain support.

Such a community will have diverse members, with different experiences, ideas, beliefs and opinions about themselves and others. does not seek to limit one's identity, or the expression of that identity, in regards to how one conducts their lives and shares with people on this site, insofar as it does not limit or invalidate another person's identity or expression of their identity.

As this site deals with gender, respecting another's gender identity is vital. If you do not know someone's gender, you may ask them how they wish to be referred to and respect their wishes.

As such, we request that you respect the ethos of this site by not posting or engaging in any of the following activities while using this site:

  1. Speech which is patently offensive, promotes or incites racism, sexism, ableism. As well as bigotry, hatred or physical harm against any group or individual, or is sexually or violently exploitative.
  2. Advocating against human rights for any segment of the population.
  3. Deliberate or intentional misgendering, and its ilk, is not tolerated in any form.
  4. Harassment or advocating harassment of another person, on or off the site.
  5. Encouraging self destructive or harmful behavior.
  6. Non-consensual sexual attention and inappropriately assumed intimacy with others.
  7. Conducting or plotting illegal activity.
  8. Soliciting personal information from minors.
  9. Publicly posting private and/or personal information of other people without their expressed permission, including but not limited to, real names, birth names, birth gender/sex, addresses, phone numbers, email and instant message addresses, physical location, photographs, recordings, internet properties, businesses, places of work, and/or other information that may lead someone to another person
  10. Posting copyrighted work without the copyright owner's expressed permission and credit.
  11. Spam, phishing, and/or other activities intended to coerce people to give up otherwise private and personal information.
  12. Trolling, social engineering, and other forms of net-abuse are highly frowned upon. Just because you meant something to be funny, does not make it okay to say or do.
  13. Patterns of intentional disruptive or inflammatory behavior.
  14. Complaints about criticism of racist, sexist and otherwise inflammatory behavior or rhetoric. is not responsible for the content generated by users in the forums, on chat, or any other spaces. expresses no warranty or guarantee about the effectiveness or accuracy of the information contained on this site, nor does represent any authority or claim any authority on the information contained herein. Information is maintained on a "best effort" basis by the members of If you discover information that is inaccurate, out of date, or broken, please advise the webmaster so we may fix it.

If you're a federal, state, or local government employee or official, you are forbidden to use this site if at any time during the past 50 years, you took any action or made any statement, verbal or written, that may violate or impinge on anyone's rights as defined by the UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Evidence of actual violation of or impingement on a specific person's right is not required for AUP infringement.

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