Transgender Support Chat!

TransAdvice is a safe and open space including a live support chat, and resource wiki for members of the transgender / non-binary community, as well as family members, significant others, friends, and allies. Anyone is welcome here provided you follow our Code of Conduct. TransAdvice is community driven network, and has been servicing the community since 2004.

Live Transgender Support Chat offers a space for chat. You can connect in the following ways:

Please note: It might take a minute or so for someone to respond to you. Just hang out, there are plenty of people around. You will get more out of the peer support chat if you are willing to talk and share. This is a safe space with professional and caring staff :)

Please see our Code of Conduct before connecting! You must be over 13 years old to connect.

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More ways to connect:

  • Full screen IRC Web Chat:
  • Direct connect (IRC): port 6667 - channel: #Lobby.
  • Direct connect (IRC-SSL): port 6697 (with SSL) - channel: #Lobby.
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    You can also use the embedded chat below:

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